Interested in learning about Global Warming?

Local speakers are available to provide groups and organizations with presentations about Global Warming and Climate Change. If you are interested in scheduling something or have an inquiry about a presentation listed, please contact:

Our Presentations Include:

  1. Introduction to Renewable Energy - Most of our electrical energy comes from burning coal in Wisconsin. Fossil fuels have played a big part of fueling our economy and they have various costs and benefits. Renewable energy sources can lead to a more sustainable future. Learn what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Global Warming and the Great Lakes - The effects of global warming have been most apparent in the melting of the glaciers and polar ice. The Great Lakes ecosystem will also be impacted. Diminishing ice cover on the Great Lakes is just one of the clues that scientists are looking at.
  3. Cool Cities: Solving Global Warming One City at a Time - All over America, cities, counties and states are launching an exciting grassroots movement to help solve one of our county’s most pressing problems: global warming. The strategies that cool cities are pursuing fall under three categories: cleaner vehicles, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  4. The Benefits of Green Building - Energy consumption from buildings currently accounts for more than 50% of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. “Green Building” is a trend toward high-performance and sustainable construction. In this presentation, you’ll learn more about the effects of buildings on the world around us, and how greening our new construction and existing buildings can have tremendous benefits to the climate, our energy future, and the health of our population.
  5. Answer the Call: Global Warming Challenges and Solutions {A Presentation of Al Gore’s Climate Project} - After making headlines with his documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” former Vice-President and recent Nobel Prize winner Al Gore trained 1000 select individuals to deliver his message on climate change. Sue Loomans received this training and now offers these visually stimulating slide presentations to audiences large and small. She discusses what global warming is, the potential impacts around the planet, and strategies we can take to address the crisis. More information about "The Climate Project" can be found at http://www.theclimateproject.org/

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